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International Key Account Managment

Short Program Online

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Full Day

Online - Via Zoom

The seminar aims to prepare commercial managers of key accounts to develop or enhance skills of sales in an international context. The workshop gives the participants the opportunity to understand the elements and conditions that comprise the relationship management process within a global reach. It also offers an interdisciplinary analysis tools specific to businesses seeking a place in the global market. Participants learn about their style of sales negotiation, consolidate the art of interpersonal communication and develop empathic skills, which are key to building business relationships. In addition, they develop the ability to drive change effectively, generate creative solutions, and move around in different cultural contexts. Finally, participants gain an understanding of how to apply these skills in difficult and demanding contexts. In the current competitive environment, it is important to increase the contribution of the business arriving from abroad to the total profit of the company. This seminar motivates and creates confidence in sales managers, through a formative experience that is based on a strong interconnection between conceptual learning, the exchange of professional experience and the solving of practical cases.

• To develop and improve skills in marketing in an international context;
• To understand the elements and conditions that make up the business and key accounts management process in an international context;
• To acquire specific analysis tools for businesses taking place in foreign markets;
• To recognise the importance of mastering empathic skills and consolidating the art of interpersonal communication within an international context;
• To gain a “toolbox” that contains global negotiation skills, strategies and approaches, including awareness and appreciation of cultural differences. 

• Board members, General Managers and Entrepreneurs
• Sales directors.
• Sales managers
• Account managers, key account managers (with or without experience in international business) 

One full day, from 8:45 AM to 7 PM. Includes lunch and coffee-breaks.
The seminar should take place by the end of May, beginning of Jun 2021. 


André Morgado

Associate Professor of Marketing at AESE Business School. Professor Morgado has authored several prize winning case studies, while continuing his research studies in the field of industrial marketing and regular work with companies in sales, business development and training projects. He is the author of the book titled “B2B Marketing: Uma abordagem prática em mercados industriais”. He combines his teaching profile with an extensive professional and business background of more than 10 years dedicated to the fast pace telecommunications industry. During his professional life Andre had the chance to occupy highly visible roles such as Strategic Marketing Manager working on a global scale at Nokia Siemens Networks. Andre holds a Ph.D in Management awarded from University of Lisbon. He has done several consulting, conferences or in company programs for companies like: Axians, everis, Pfizer, BASF, Colt Telecom, among others. He is also a fellow member of the Industrial Marketing and Purchasing Group.

Fawaz Baddar ALHussan

Assistant Professor of Sales Management at IESEG School of Management, and the academic director for MSc International Business Negotiation. Previously he was a lecturer of marketing at Middlesex University, and the programme leader for the MA International and Cross Cultural Marketing. Fawaz research explores International Key Account Management in emerging markets. His research brings a new dimension of understanding how business is conducted in emerging economies and in the field of industrial marketing in cross cultural contexts where there is a lack of knowledge in that domain, and gives more insights about the transfer of practices across borders that enhances the understanding of global management. He has conducted research in several multi-national companies, such as Orange, LafargeHolcim, Societe General, HSBC, Polycom, Microsoft; Dell, Holiday Inn; Zain, Umniah, Arab Bank. Fawaz holds a Ph.D. in Strategic Sales and Account Management, awarded from Cranfield University (United Kingdom).

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